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Metal Detectors Koshey. Made in Ukraine. Free Shipping Worldwide.

Koshey Tracker PI-2

KOSHEY TRACKER PI-2 - a modern microprocessor pulse metal detector. The instrument is designed to search for metal objects in the ground, sand, walls, thick grass, etc. Metal detector Tracker PI-2 can be effectively used in treasure hunting, construction, and finding lost things in other specific areas of human activity.

metal detector Koshey Tracker PI-2


search depth:  
coin 0.25 meter
helmet 0.6 meter
big metal 1.5 meter
Visual LED
Sound multi-tone
Rod collapsible 1.2 meters
Electrical power supply 8 AA batteries
Weight 1.5 kg

principle of operation
The operating principle of the pulse detector Koschey Tracker PI-2 is based on the excitation of a metal object pulsed eddy currents and measuring the secondary electromagnetic field, which induce these currents. With built-in microprocessor unit analyzes this re-radiated signal and produces an appropriate indication of the detected object.

Working with metal detector

To indicate the level of the signal re-emitted by a metallic object, the device has an LED scale. "Zero" LED is lit when there are no metal objects. The higher the level of the signal, the greater the number of the LED light. Each LED (except for the "zero") corresponds to a beep tone.
Note: the level of the signal depends on the size and shape of the metal object and the distance between the object and the sensor.
At the beginning of the need to include a toggle switch to "ON". Then you need to pick up the sensor on the level of 30-40 cm of soil and press the "RESET" button. Within 2 seconds, the unit will produce tuning. At the end of tuning the instrument emits a characteristic double beep. After that, the sensor closer to the ground (in a place where there are no metal objects) to a distance 4-5cm and adjust the sensitivity using the handle "SENSITIVITY". The handle must be rotated until the disappearance of false responses. Then you can start the search.
After contact with a metal object in the sensor, the instrument indicates this with a visual and audible indication. To determine the center of occurrence of the object you want to move the sensor to obtain maximum readings. In this case, with high probability we can assert that the center of the object is in the ground in front of the center of the sensor.
When the battery discharges below an acceptable level alarm will be-will be flashing "zero" LED while the device will emit an intermittent beep. In this case, working with a metal detector is necessary to stop, turn the unit off and recharge or replace the battery.
  To charge the battery must be disconnected from the power supply connector of the electronic unit and plug it into the charger connector. The charger must be connected to the network (220V, 50Hz). At the end of the charge on the front of the charger LED lights.
To prolong battery life, we recommend storing it in a charged state.
At the end of the unit must be disassembled in the reverse order of assembly.
Can be transported and deposited metal detector and assembled. In this case it is recommended to disconnect the power plug from the electronic unit to prevent unintentional restart of the device and the battery is low.

175$ Free worldwide delivery

Buy this detector Koshey Tracker PI-2, please contact us and specify the address to send and we will inform you about the availability, delivery time and payment method.

Описание металлоискателя Tracker PI-2 на русском языке.

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