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Metal Detectors Koshey. Made in Ukraine. Free Shipping Worldwide.

Metal Detector Koshey 18M and 25K and Tracker PI-2. worldwide delivery

Company "Koschey" was founded in 2004. The company develops and manufactures metal detectors. Over 10 years in the market of metal detectors, the company received a lot of their fans. The most popular models and representations which we have on the site.
We will try to provide you with the most convenient way to pay you as quickly as possible and take your metal detector anywhere in the planet.

Metal detector Koshey Tracker PI-2

Search all metals. Without discrimination of metals.
Search depth of up to 1.5 meters

175$ Free worldwide delivery

Metal detector Koshey 18M

frequency of 7 kHz and 14 kHz

Discrimination on 18 kinds of metals

Bay Metal detector Koshey 18M

395$ Free worldwide delivery

Metal detector Koshey 25K

PI and IB metal detector, can work as a good selective detector for coin, as well as the deep pulse metal with deep coil 0.9 * 0.9 1.2 * 1.2 1.5 * 1.5 or 2 * 2 meters

bay metal detector koshey 25k

545$ Free worldwide delivery

"History Koschey"

The company "Koschey" develops and manufactures metal detectors.

Metal "Koschey" is a joint project of Andrei Igorevich Shchedrin and Kolokolova Yuri Pavlovich. The company originated in 2000. And productive work today. A first attempt to develop metal detectors Andrei Igorevich Shchedrin were started year 1990-1995.

One of the features of "Koschey" is selling as finished metal detectors, as well as kits for self-assembly. The quality and reliability of their metal detectors Koschey + affordable prices have brought us the popularity and allowed to take its place in the market of metal detectors. On a set of "Koschey" actively collaborated with the company "Master Kit", which sells amateur sets (truth MASTER KIT sets are always the earliest versions of the software, so it is best to buy it sets Koschey with the latest firmware, rather than Master CIT).

The first models of metal detectors that were released in the production of this Koschey-FM, Koschey-2I and Koschey-4IG. A little more detail about the first metal detector.

-FM - this is unique in its kind metal detector on the basis of frequency.
Articles about this project published in the 130th issue (May 2001). US Circuit Cellar magazine and journal Radiohobbi (February 2002).. Also, this device is dedicated to the corresponding chapter in the book Andrew Shchedrin "New metal detectors to search for treasures and relics."
This metal detector, although he had a lot of flaws, but was in demand as a set NM8041 from the company "Master Kit» NM8041, this set is now out of production.
Koschey-2I - this is the first version of the pulse detector Koschey. It also comes in a set of "Master KIT» NM8042. Over time, the scheme has been refined metal detector and software, and metal detectors were born Tracker D and Tracker PI-2, which went in a separate line of metal detectors TRACKER, produced, and is popular to this day.

Koschey-4IG - differs from Koschey-2I only firmware that is tuned for a job with the deep frames.

In 2003 he was released induction metal detector Koschey-18M. Koschey 18M works on the most common and popular balance principle of induction. Koschey 18M able to distinguish metals on their conductivity and ferromagnetic properties. And displays information about the type of metal on the screen. And its superior performance and affordable price, have earned him great popularity.

Koschey 5I and Koschey 5IM were issued in 2007. This new version of the pulse detector Tracker PI (Koschey 2I), which was implemented automatic adjustment under deep coil, but increased slightly and power detector. In 2009 Koschey 5I and 5IM got a new firmware 1.12, in which there have been some improvements.

Koschey 5And different from Koschey 5IM: controls and displays, as well as 5IM have a few extra settings. But the screen has a negative impact on energy consumption.

Koschey 20M was released in 2010. Koschey 20M is just as Koschey 18M, metal detector, operating on the principle of balance of induction. Of the features of the detector should be noted a significant modernization and simplification of the circuit, by reducing the number of chips to only 5 pieces. And in Koschey 20M does not work with broadband (How scrag 18M) and a resonance sensor, which gave no large increase in depth search. But now to change the operating frequency is necessary to change the search coil, or nominal resonant capacitor.

Koschey 25K is a new model of metal detectors Koschey 2013. Koschey 25K is a combined metal detector that combines pulse detector Koschey 5I and selective detector Koschey 20M. Koschey 5And Koschey + 20M = Koschey 25K.

The company "Koschey" conducts ongoing support and upgrade their metal detectors. Constantly come out with new versions of software that you can update yourself.

We cooperate with the company "Koschey" for 9 years and have been distributing both finished metal detectors Koschey and components and kits for self-assembly.

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