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How to choose a metal detector?

How to choose a metal detector?

So you've decided to do an instrumental search. And the first thing you need to choose a metal detector (a workhorse), which you'll do and their findings.
It should be remembered that the detector is only one of the factors of success, a lot depends on you, your chosen place your luck and of course the ability to work with his metal detector. Usually all newcomers pay attention to: the price, appearance and depth of the search, but it's not so easy!

More expensive does not mean better or deeper!

There is a very big misconception is massively replicated, that the depth of the search is the main factor affecting the price. This is not entirely true, as far as the search depth to 1 - 1.5 meters. Variation in prices caused rather than deep search metal detector, and its ability to distinguish metals, additional features, the ability to see very small objects (1-5 mm), and so on. D. And we need to understand clearly what you overpay! This does not include the deep metal detectors, they see deep (2, 3, and sometimes up to 5 meters), additional functions or normal discrimination they have, but they are expensive.

Also on account of better road device wakes often have more options, but it does not mean that you'll be using them! Even experienced searchers recognize that rarely use all the functionality of your metal detector. A beginner can and do get lost in dozens of settings, and to wind such that the detector will cease to find, even hatch that you know exactly where lies!

So what is worth paying, and that just a waste of money?

When buying a metal detector, you need to clearly understand for ourselves what we want from a metal detector, and that we are going to look! For example: to search for scrap metal, an inexpensive and practical pulse detector, not fancy "monetnik."
Since the pulse detector for $ 100 not only furnish the depth selective detector for $ 300-400, so more and give you more options for screening small metal etc. And if you want to look for coins, then you do not need a fancy multi-frequency metal detector, which is able to see the golden sand and small nuggets, and pay for these completely unnecessary functions have the extra 300 - $ 700.

Another misconception associated with the appearance of the metal detector. Nice does not mean good!

The world's best manufacturers, metal detectors do primarily with quality, comfortable, reliable and functional, and only then think about their beauty. But all manufacturers of consumer goods, and especially the "Chinese" put their primitive (often develop 70 - 80 years) and poor filling in a beautiful box, and give it as a super-modern metal. Also, most manufacturers do not use color screens, as they are simply seen worse in the sun than monochrome. And you do not consider the scenery on the screen, or a movie to watch!


What features are needed in metal detectors?

Different functions in metal detectors, designed to solve different problems. Here is a summary of this connection:
• To search for coins, metal detector, it is desirable to have a metal discrimination because often have to look in the trash areas and an abundance of excavated trash can fight off any desire to look for!
• To search for scrap metal, we need first of all to distinguish the depth and detail of a larger metal. And not useless in this case, discrimination! So there is a choice between conventional pulse metal detector or deep metal, if you are not afraid of large pits and your goal tons of metal!
• To find a beach, it is better to choose a metal detector with discrimination, a good balance of the soil (especially for sea beaches), a small coil (And fine gold he will flee from you!). And optimally will be metal detectors with higher operating frequencies (from 9 to 10 kHz, and 13 -15 kHz is better!). And then the small gold rings better at a higher frequency.
• Search for military artifacts, opinions differ here because On the one hand there are lots of interesting finds and black metal, and only prevent discrimination and the choice falls on impulse metal detectors. On the other hand fighting in places, it is often a lot of debris, and they are very difficult to find, and then many people prefer to discrimination. But it is possible that a miss.

  Additional features of metal detectors
As growth rates, increasing the number of additional functions, here is a small list of useful features that you may find useful:
• Automatic Ground Balance - the ability of the detector to rebuild from the ground and to preserve at the same depth.
Audible indication of findings. The more developed this ability in the detector, the greater the possibility to determine the purpose of the sound, the type of metal, and even the definition of experience with similar goals. 20 sleeves dig and 21yu already define the sound and will not waste time on it!
• The backlight of the screen.
Opportunities for modernization.

Modernization of the metal detector, is often limited to the replacement of the search coil. The coil is half the detector, depends on it very much, and especially depth. Therefore, you should pay attention to what kind of coil has chosen to model a metal detector, and how much they cost. Since metal detectors for very similar in price and performance, the price of coils can strongly differ!

We should pay attention to self-made metal detectors
Often homemade metal detectors have very attractive price, and are stated at the same time good performance. But all is not as rosy as it seems at first glance. Homemade metal detectors can be divided into two groups: developed by the samodelshikami, and copied the old models of branded devices.
The first are often a lot of shortcomings, and to check are just a toy, but if he really did well and really suitable for the search (such devices also occur), and the price they are not cheaper than the factory metal detectors. (Collect one machine in hand, always more expensive than a thousand collect them on the line!).
The second group is copied branded metal detectors. Here, too, everything is bad, or copy the old model of the metal detector, then simplify (many components have already been removed from production or difficult to access), and in the end all kind of metal detector at the factory, the factory's only metal detector looking for, and not homemade! So if you want to look for it is not the best choice, but if you want to build yourself a metal detector, it is a different story!

Before buying a metal detector think about how much you are willing to spend, and what you want to get. And then proceed to the choice of a metal detector!

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